Fresh-Agromashov 2017

Where: Tel-aviv, Israel
Start date: 6/27/17 at 10:00 AM
End date: 6/28/17 at 6:00 PM
Event organizer: משוב גרופ בע"מ







Thousands of visitors from overseas, including growers and merchants, are expected to attend the annual Fresh AgroMashov exhibition in Israel, which will take place this year from 27-28 June 2017 at the International Fair Grounds in Tel Aviv. The exhibition serves as a summit for the world's leading players in the field of fresh agricultural produce marketing and people involved in various fields of commercial agriculture

The exhibition offers a major platform for fresh agricultural produce for those seeking to increase their businesses. The expo will be exhibiting new technologies, the latest research findings and the most recent service developments that can assist visitors in enhancing professional skills and raising crop yield. Among the exhibitors: labor-saving solutions based on

agro-mechanical innovations; state-of-the-art irrigation systems; reduction in the use of pest control material,etc

In recent years,there have been dramatic changes in the nature and management of the market for fresh agricultural produce, with new markets opening for those growers capable of early identification of these opportunities. New markets in the east are being added to the existing traditional Western European markets and the rules of the game in the area of agricultural produce marketing are changing. With the rising quality of life in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, India and China, Eastern Europe and Asia have become important destinations for the marketing of agricultural goods. These developments have only increased the importance of this exhibition, with its central geographical position at the meeting point of Europe, Africa and Asia


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