The Road to Ein Harod

איפה: Nachmani Theater, Tel Aviv
התחלה: 12/12/14 בשעה 15:00
מארגן האירוע: הזירה הבין תחומית

A thousand pounds of salt become a punishing Middle Eastern desert, plastic tanks barrel down paper streets, and a faceless, nameless puppet emerges a rebel hero in this work by Israeli-born artist Zvi Sahar. 

Puppetry and hand-painted miniature sets combine with live filmmaking and projected video feeds, as a Lilliputian universe is created and destroyed before our eyes. In Salt of the Earth, inspired by the bestselling Israeli novel The Road to Ein Harod by Amos Kenan, Sahar and PuppetCinema show us a dystopic world, in which our protagonist—fleeing his country’s latest military coup—discovers the meaning of perseverance, survival, and ultimately, freedom.



Directed by Zvi Sahar, PuppetCinema

Based on 'The Road to Ein Harod' by Amos Kenan


In collaboration with

Oded Littman: Dramaturg, Development Crew

Aya Zaiger:  Designer & Cinematographer, Performer, Development Crew

Michal Vaknin:  Puppeteer & Performer, Development Crew

Yuval Fingerman: Puppeteer & Performer

Shai Egozi: Puppeteer & Performer

Music and Sound Effects: Gai Sherf

Singing: Rona Kenan

Light Design: Adi Shimrony

Puppets by: Eti Sahar, Zvi Sahar, Aya Zaiger & Robin Frohardt

Puppetry Consultation: Jessica Scott

סוג מחיר כמות
רגיל ₪70.00
סטודנט / אזרח ותיק ₪50.00

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