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איפה: Gagarin
התחלה: 04/10/17 בשעה 21:00
מארגן האירוע: s46

Frog-Hop Crew & The Gagarin proudly present : 
The highly anticipated return of ---Igorrr [FR]

After 4 Years in the making, Igorrr's new album entitled 'Savage Sinusoid' is finally out and making it's way for an exlusive perforamce at the Gagarin club in Tel-Aviv, Israel as a part of their 'Savage Tour', where Igorrr will introduce their new live drummer, Sylvain Bouvier.

Igorrr has self released two demos; Poisson Soluble (2006) and Moisissure (2008). Following the underground success of these demos, Igorrr signed with an electronic record label and released two full-length albums to Critical Acclaim: Nostril (2010) and Hallelujah (2012) - the latter of which includes guest appearances by Mayhem's Teloch (guitars), Secret Chiefs 3's Adam Stacey (accordion), as well as the original musicians Igorrr had been working with for years: Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec as vocalists. In a live setting, Gautier Serre, Laurent Lunoir and Laure Le Prunenec are now joined by Sylvain Bouvier, who also recorded the drum parts of Savage Sinusoid in the studio with them.

Listen to Igorrr's previous releases on Bandcamp -

Igorrr online:

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